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Migrant Workers – Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics(HOME).

Migrant workers who fall victim to road accidents are often unable to obtain images and videos of the accident due to significant language and cultural barriers, as well as a lack of understanding of local laws. HOME is an independent charity aimed at empowering and ensuring the well-being of migrant workers in Singapore. FindWitness works closely with HOME to ensure that migrant workers are able to seek justice and redress for injuries inflicted upon them.

Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics http://www.home.org.sg

TEL: +65 6344 0224

Malaysian Citizens – Singapore Accident Help Centre (SAHC)

It is not uncommon for Malaysian vehicles to travel in Singapore or vice versa. As a result, it is not uncommon for Malaysian vehicles to become involved in traffic accidents in Singapore, or vice versa. The SAHC is a non-profit NGO and our partner in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The SAHC aims to help Malaysian citizens who become involved in traffic or industrial accidents while in Singapore. Malaysian citizens are welcome to make use of FindWitness’ portal to share videos and images. Additionally, Malaysian citizens who have been involved in an accident may also approach the SAHC offices to make use of our information network to find evidence pertaining to their case.

The Singapore Accident Help Centre http://en.accidenthelpline.org.my

TEL: +65 6344 0224

Singapore Accident Victims – SG Accident Help Centre (SgAHC)


FindWitness has developed partnerships with local and regional medical services and hospitals to ensure traffic accident victims receive appropriate and prompt medical care. We also work closely with the medical industry to ensure that information on our portal is accurate.

Asia Medevac Services http://www.asiamedevac.com

TEL: +6 017-609 8868