How It Works »

FindWitness is a platform that connects accident victims with witnesses.

The witnesses provide material information to the accident victims and receive rewards from the assisted victims.

Material Information

Material Information may be submitted as:

  • Eyewitness Accounts;
  • Dashboard Video Clips; or
  • Accident Scene Photos

  • To submit information to FindWitness, witnesses may use the Witness Information submission form. Different rewards are provided for private or public content.

    Public Vs Private

    All material information submitted to FindWitness is set to private by default. However, FindWitness may make submitted information available to the public, subject to the uploader’s consent.
    Different reward structures apply to public or private uploads.
    Private content is only viewable by the uploader. When an accident victim searches for information that matches the private content, the uploader will be notified of the reward they will receive from the assisted victim.
    Public content earns guaranteed rewards from FindWitness based on the view count in the first 72 hours of the upload.