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Our Story

I came up with this concept after my sister met with a hit-and-run accident. I remembered vividly when she was seriously injured in a traffic accident 19 years ago. She suffered multiple broken bones and had to be hospitalised for half a year. Even after her discharge, she was wheelchair-bound for half a year. What saddened me was, the driver who beat the red light and knocked my sister down seemed to disappear without a trace. We appealed for witnesses with a monetary reward, and even engaged a Private Investigator to expedite the search. The search was agonising to my family who was seeking to redress the unwarranted trauma my sister went through. Despite concerted effort on our end, it was fruitless.

That episode had left a deep mark in my life, and I wished at that time that something could have been done more efficiently and cost-effectively. It birthed in me a deep conviction that I should set an example in helping those who may be going through the same predicament with helplessness. I have been constantly, over the years, devise ways and means to render such help to victims facing the same predicament.

Now that technology has advanced tremendously, the majority of drivers and motorists have secured themselves with video recording devices in their vehicles. This have opened up a world of possibilities where I am able to create an online platform to help bridge seekers and witnesses together.

Recent statistics recorded that there are almost 600,000 registered vehicles in Singapore, and most accidents on the road are captured by at least one passing vehicle. Oftentimes, motorcyclists wake up in the hospital without the slightest clue as to how their accident happened. Parties involving in minor accidents often result in disputes amongst themselves, contorting the truth to escape liability. In such events, we can also extend a helping hand to the parties by coming forward with information that will shed light to the truth. Be it in a form of footage or as an eye witness, you can make a difference to those in need.

Gary Leong, Founder of FindWitness

What is FindWitness?

FindWitness is a video and image hosting platform developed specifically with two goals in mind:
  • To enable drivers and road users to share information freely, and be rewarded for the information they share
  • To ease the burden of information gathering imposed on accident victims.

Parties involved in an accident often do not know where to locate information (such as videos and images) of their accident. On the other hand, road users who happened to capture footage of the accident may not be sure which platform to upload the information at hand. Furthermore, the hassle of uploading the information to other sites may discourage the witness from doing so.

FindWitness provides a convenient portal for both parties to interact privately and securely, for the benefit of each other and society.


To create a community where individuals may turn to in hopes of obtaining critical information for their accident.


To encourage and inspire members of the public to be more forthcoming with information of an accident that they witnessed.

Core Values

  • Practising highest ethical standards in information collection and business dealing.
  • Respecting and protecting the rights and privacy of both accident victims and witnesses.
  • Innovating in the use of the latest technological advancements and social media platforms.